Decarbonise your agricultural supply chains

Achieve your climate goals and create resilient supply chains with Agreena’s data-driven, tailored sustainability solutions.

Supply chain solutions

Our insights accelerate 
your sustainability journey

Understand, report and act on agricultural emissions with the help of our digital MRV approaches.

Remote sensing technology and machine learning give the accurate and detailed insights you need to engage with suppliers and drive the uptake of regenerative farming.

Get high quality, verified data on your supply chains

and help farmers adopt regenerative practices.

Support regenerative farming

Enable your growers or connect with those already in the programme.

You’ll be decarbonising your supply chain, promoting regenerative farming and achieving wider environmental, social and governance goals.

Supply chain insights

Agreena's end-to-end solution

Get insights into your agricultural supply chains and work with our experts to decarbonise them.


Get accurate and
detailed insights

Source and analyse actual field-level data to identify regions and crops that have the greatest potential for emission reductions and removal.


Model scenarios for
greatest impact

Use our platform to generate reports and model investment scenarios to inform your Scope 3 strategy.


Develop a soil
carbon programme

Work with Agreena to develop a soil carbon project and help your farmers transition to regenerative practices.


Get certified carbon outcomes and robust sustainability credentials

Achieve verified carbon emission reductions to support your ESG reporting. 

Supporting regenerative practices

Achieve your net zero goals by supporting regenerative farming

Develop a soil carbon programme to match your goals and meet your farmers’ potential for regenerative practices.

  • Help farmers finance transition through the sale of carbon credits and better access to environmental loans

  • Farmer

    Get local support for farmers from our on-the-ground partners

  • Simplify the sign-up process for farmers with an easy-to-use platform

  • Promote the benefits of regenerative farming as part of your ESG goals

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Buy high-quality, nature-based carbon credits

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