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Access an additional revenue stream through carbon credits based on climate-friendly farming practices.

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We're here to help you enhance both the economic and environmental success of your farm.

Regenerative agriculture is widely regarded as an effective method to reduce greenhouse gases and turn soil into carbon
sinks, removing CO2 from the atmosphere. As the quality of your soil improves, so does the profitability of your business.


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What some of our pioneering ambassadors are saying about regenerative agriculture


JD Agro Cocora Farm

12,000 hectares

“One thing is that we have less overpasses, but most importantly, we reduce the evaporation of moisture from the soil, and that leaves more water for the plants. This is extremely important under these dry conditions we experience from time to time.”

– Hans Damgaard

United Kingdom

Denton Lodge Farm

730 hectares

“We’ve noticed a real improvement in quality in the yield and the resilience of our soil to an ever-changing climate, and we’ve seen the improvements in digital technology to be really beneficial in understanding our soils and the fields that we farm.”

– Toby Simpson

Four practices for the highest credit yield

Reduce soil erosion, increase soil organic matter, improve soil health and biodiversity, and strengthen water retention capacity and resistance against flooding.

Reduced soil disturbance

Optimal use of cover crops

Use of organic fertilisers

Optimal residue management

The more you transition, the more you earn

Choose the farm fields you want to include in the certification programme and we will help you create a step-by-step implementation strategy for your agriculture practices.

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Step by step

How to become a carbon farmer:

Enter field data on our platform and advisors can help you with planning your field strategies. The programme records different cultivation activities to calculate your potential carbon removals and reductions, and your projected income.

After the harvest season, you log in to the platform and report your actual field data (actual yields, fertiliser and fuel use, etc.)

Our internationally accredited and third-party validated programme then quantifies your farm’s carbon removals and reductions, and our team issues the verified CO2e credits.

You can then choose to keep your credits, sell them yourself or, alternatively, ask us to sell them to verified companies on your behalf based on current market demand and prices. You even have the choice to get paid before your credits are issued through our early payout option.

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Your choice is what makes us different

AgreenaCarbon give you the flexibility to choose what you do with the credits after each annual carbon harvest.

And now you can even receive money upfront for your estimated number of earned credits. Agreena will validate the data you provide, then offer you a pre-purchase price to buy the rights to your GHG removals based on the best estimation of the credits you’d receive after certification, and current market conditions and prices.

If you accept the offer, you’ll be paid out before the credits are issued – ensuring pricing certainty and turning your no-till efforts into no-hassle economics.

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AgreenaCarbon for farmers

Grow your farm’s profits and future prosperity

AgreenaCarbon is the world’s largest soil carbon programme for farmers. Aligned to the latest science, policy, and market expectations, we deliver high-quality credits to provide a new income stream for the farm.
Grow high yields and quality crops from regenerative agriculture practices, while also entering the green economy through the carbon market. Our technology platform and advisor support will guide you with all you need to get started – and for you to understand and take control of the GHG impact created through your efforts.

Agreena believes that farmers should have ownership and control of the climate benefits created. We provide the carbon credits – and then you decide whether to keep, sell or have us to sell them for you.

AgreenaCarbon for farmers

Your transition possibilities*

The number of credits issued to you will vary depending on the practices you adopt in your fields.
We encourage implementing your transition to climate-friendly farming at your own pace.


Cover Crops


Potential yield

Example 1:

Synthetic fertilizer

No Cover Crops

Conventional Tillage


Current practice

Example 2:

Synthetic fertilizer

No Cover Crops

Reduced Tillage

Up to 1


Example 3:

Synthetic fertilizer

Cover Crops

Reduced Tillage

Up to 2


Example 4:

Organic Fertiliser

Cover Crops

Reduced Tillage

Up to 3


* Verified October 2022. Numbers are subject to change and can vary depending on country, soil characteristics and cultivation inputs.

Selling your credits

Pricing your carbon harvest income

The CO2e credits will be issued to you on the Agreena platform, and from here you can choose what you want to do with them.

Note: We can help you sell the credits for a 15% sales fee.
For AgreenaCarbon credit sales, market developments and supply and demand determine the payout. We search for the highest available price on behalf of our farmers. Current pricing is approximately €25-50 per credit (per one tonne of CO2e).

The issuing fee is paid to Agreena to cover verification and issuance costs. You pay it in credits, so you don’t have to take money out of your pocket.

This is your only upfront cost, which covers the ongoing development of the programme, as well as maintenance of the platform.

AgreenaCarbon for farmers

We can help you improve your profitability and resiliency

Our advisors are here to help you understand how our soil carbon certification programme – AgreenaCarbon – can best meet the needs of your business. We’ll introduce you to the programme, and together we can discuss whether carbon certification is a relevant option for your farm.

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Kim Kjær Knudsen
farmer from Allindemaglegård. Denmark

“It is not enough to be food producers for a growing world population – as farmers we play a key role in overcoming climate challenges as well. Agreena is a big step in that direction. We must – for the first time ever –harvest carbon.”

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