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Headquarted in Copenhagen, we have purpose-led professionals across the world helping us build a scalable impact for farmers and the climate

With agriculture accounting for nearly ⅓ of global greenhouse gas emissions, the industry now has the opportunity to actually be a significant part of the solution. By adopting a set of regenerative practices, we’re able to turn soil into natural carbon sinks – pulling carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soils. But the transition of farmers to regenerative agriculture practices has costs. Agreena offers one of the few financial reward schemes in the world to incentivize farmers on their sustainable carbon farming journey.

But the benefits expand beyond incentivizing farmers economically through carbon markets. There are a plethora of regenerative agriculture co-benefits that build climate resilience: improved water retention, biodiversity and reduced erosion, to name a few. Our work is rooted in creating the climate impact necessary for future generations, while continuing to feed a growing population.

Female founded. Farmer focused. Future forward.


Farmer-backed initial investment

Three important Danish farming families saw the industry-changing value in Julie and Ida’s idea. These families became the first investors in what was then known as Commoditrader.


Female founded

Best friends, tech specialist Julie and agricultural professional Ida, who was born and raised on a farm in Denmark, combine forces to transform how the farming industry connects and trades across borders.


Commodity trading marketplace

CEO Simon Haldrup joins Julie and Ida to provide his extensive banking expertise to the company. Version 0.1 of the pan-European market for agricultural commodities is released, attracting over 2,000 farmers.


Entering the soil carbon market

Our innovative technology platform and extensive reach to European farmers, combined with the agricultural industry being inundated with sustainability policies, means we are in a sweet spot to develop the very first European soil carbon certification programme.


Launch of AgreenaCarbon

After comprehensive research by our Carbon Science team, model development, commercial expansion and extensive collaboration with farmers, we launch AgreenaCarbon in 2021, accredited to ISO standard 14064-2.


Seed financing

Agreena raises $4.7M seed capital from Giant Ventures and Vækstfonden.


Series A

Boosted finance with A round investment, securing $22M, led by Kinnevik, Giant Ventures and Vaeksfonden, the Danish Government’s Sovereign Fund.


Acquisition of Hummingbird Technologies

Acquire leading regenerative agriculture MRV and advanced-learning technology solution in late July 2022 to span and improve supply chain solutions.

Meet the Founders

“Carbon markets are developing rapidly.”

Simon Haldrup

“We really need to
grow now.”

Julie Koch Fahler

“We work with
real farmers.”

Ida Boesen


Simon Haldrup Denmark

Co-founder / CEO

Ida Boesen Denmark

Co-founder / Director of Strategy

Julie Koch Fahler Denmark

Co-founder / Director of Operations

Niels Vittrup Denmark

Director of Market Development & Marketing

Erica Johnson US

Sustainability Affairs Officer

Valentine Ganseman BE

Director of Direct Sales & Customer Success

Allan Noer Denmark


Jennifer Hanser US

Director of Business Development

Jonas Bech US

Finance Manager

Julie Jensen BE

Head of People

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Join the regenerative revolution.

187 mission-driven professionals from all over the world

Agreena is an exciting, dynamic and purpose-oriented organisation united in a mission to drive impact for farmers and the climate. While we’re rooted in agriculture, finance and technology, our team of experts range from soil carbon scientists and software developers to market strategists and regulatory affairs experts. More than 30 nationalities are gathered under the common Agreena flag – either working from our headquarters in Copenhagen or remotely across Europe.

We’re expanding and seeking the world’s best talent

Agreena is continuously growing and we’re looking for talented and passionate individuals to join us on the regenerative journey! A job at Agreena means that you’re getting paid to make a difference in the world, and driving economic and environmental sustainability in farming.

Our company offers a supportive and positive work environment with opportunities for learning, leading and growth. We believe in giving our employees a lot of responsibility, and we encourage new thinking, innovation and fun.

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External Advisory Board

We aim to achieve the highest level of quality in our programme and its accompanying methodologies, protocol and certificates. Outside of our farmers, advisors and in-house experts, we’re committed to having cross-sectoral insights and expertise to bring additional strength to the AgreenaCarbon programme. We thank our external counsel for supporting us with guidance and advice surrounding the scientific methodology and the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of our soil carbon programme, along with regulatory and policy frameworks in the evolving Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) landscape.

Dr. Pandi Zdruli

Senior Research Scientist

The International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM)

Dr. Pandi Zdruli is a senior research scientist for the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute in Bari, Italy since 1999, where he teaches soil science and natural resources management. Prior to joining the Bari Institute, he was the visiting scientist at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre at Ispra, Italy for two years and senior Fulbright research scholar for five years at the United States Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS) in Washington, D.C., where he completed his PhD, sponsored by the Fulbright Foundation, after graduating from the Agricultural University of Tirana in Albania. Professor Zdruli has published 80 papers and technical reports and edited 12 books on relevant soil management topics. Among others, he is a member of the International Union of Soil Sciences; Soil, Crop and Agronomy Society of America; Italian Society of Soil Science; European Soil Partnership; European Society for Soil Conservation; Fulbright Association, and member of the former European Soil Bureau Network (ESBN). He is an editorial board member of the World Atlas of Desertification (3rd edition), sponsored by the European Commission, and lead author of the Land and Soil policy chapter of the landmark Global Environmental Outlook (GEO6) published by the UN Environment Programme in 2019. He is also an editorial board member of the ongoing Soil Atlas of Asia, a member of the Sino-EU panel on Land and Soil, and Assembly member of the EU Mission Caring for Soil is Caring for Life, and an advisory board member of the European Joint Programme on Soil (EJP-Soil).

Moritz von Unger

Senior Counsel and Attorney, Founder of

Atlas Environmental Law Advisory

Moritz von Unger is the founder, senior counsel and attorney of Atlas Environmental Law Advisory, specialising in European and public and private international law. He has extensive experience in advising on regulatory questions concerning emissions trading worldwide, climate finance mechanisms, carbon project structuring and due diligence, including on-land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) projects. He assists the private sector as well as governments with United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and carbon-related litigation and negotiations, and he is an expert in high-level regulatory and institutional country climate transformations and capacity-building. As a former member of the European Commission staff, he is a first-hand authority on public and administrative law and brings a deep sensitivity to working with multi-party international organisations. Moritz holds a PhD in international law and is a member of the bars of Berlin and Brussels. He is also associated with the UN Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) Working Group on Peatlands.

Zsolt Lengyel

Founding Member of

Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy Foundation (IEECP)

Zsolt Lengyel is a founding member of the Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy Foundation (IEECP) and has been serving as its chairperson since its establishment in 2015. Zsolt is an economist, a climate-action policy veteran and specialist of the corresponding instruments, policies and measures (EU ETS, (I)NDCs, Kyoto Flexible mechanisms, TCFD, Paris Agreement Article 6., etc.) with an engagement in the full cycle – from design and implementation to evaluation and auditing – of climate change mitigation and resilience globally. He has worked with climate action for more than 20 years, after starting his career in the Environment and Geography Department at the London School of Economics, as a researcher in 1995.


… and a number of farmer angel investors.

Anna Adlarson
Investments at Kinnevik

“Agreena enables significant and immediate climate-change mitigation by providing high-quality carbon removal credits based on soil carbon sequestration – a validated, scalable and nature-based technique to remove existing carbon from the atmosphere.”

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