Supporting farmers to make a sustainable and profitable transition to regenerative agriculture

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We provide the tools you need to make a transition that works for your farm

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Changes are happening quickly, and we are following,

Commoditrader is now Agreena.

In 2016 when we first started Commoditrader, it was with the mission to create a European trading platform for agricultural commodities. Only did we not know that our scope of commodities would expand as much as it has.

This is why our name had to expand with us.
We are not leaving Commoditrader behind, we are building on top.

AgreenaCarbon & AgreenaTrader

We offer digital services that enable farmers across Europe to become both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Carbon for farmers

If you want change - make change good for business.

Our carbon certificate program provides farmers with the financial leeway and opportunity to redirect their business and pursue more sustainable agricultural practices.

By tracking and quantifying climate improvements and converting them into tradable carbon certificates, Agreena helps farmers fund their own transition to more sustainable and profitable methods.

Carbon for farmers
Carbon for buyers

Go green withcarbon certificates.

Is your company on a green journey? You can now go even further with our carbon program.

Every hectare of agricultural land has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can enable that potential. By purchasing carbon certificates from our farmers, you can help finance the green transition of one of the key sectors contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon for buyers
Carbon for advisors

Accelerating the     green transition.

Agriculture can make a huge difference in terms of securing prosperity for generations to come. But they cannot do it all on their own.

We provide the technical solution for farmers to transition to an ever more sustainable future, and we need advisors to help support that transition.

Carbon for advisors

Reach the full market

You will extend your reach with less effort and time spent and engage directly with farmers, mills, malteries and traders.

The platform can be used by both sellers and buyers – no matter your production size or style, we can support your trading needs.

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Earn more whentrading your grains

Get an instant overview of the relevant trade possibilities in your local area by exploring all open listings either on a map or list view.

Filter and negotiate on price, quantity, quality and more to seal the best deal for you.

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Full service and flexibility

When trading on the platform, you choose the extent of the service – at no extra cost.

You can simply find a counterparty to contact or you can finalise a trade, including freight, booking, and delivery management. You decide every time.

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Kim Kjær Knudsen, farmer from Allindemaglegård. Denmark

“It is not enough to be food producers for a growing world population – as farmers we play a key role in overcoming climate challenges as well. Agreena is a big step in that direction. We must - for the first time ever -  harvest carbon."

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