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Next Regen Day: 18th April, Wiltshire, UK

Alongside our partners, we’re hosting educational events on farms around the UK to give farmers access to reliable information and hands-on insights about carbon farming.

Do you want to talk to experts about whether carbon farming is right for you?
Join us in our upcoming events to have all your carbon questions answered.

Recap of a previous Regen Day

Regen Day Cheshire

2nd November 2023

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Andrew Knowles

Fram Farmers CEO

“I think we’ve addressed a lot of the misconceptions, sorted out some of the confusions, and everybody’s probably left with a few more solid facts on how to make a decision.”

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Meet our speakers

Thomas Gent

Carbon certificates

Andrew Knowles

Fram Farmers CEO

Will Smith

Regen agronomist

Ian Gould

Cover crops

Simon Weaving

Direct drilling

Natalia Gulbis

Soil microbiology

Tom Burnt

Natural capital and farm tenancies

Alex Hammond

Replacement fertilisers

Annie Leeson

Soil sampling

Mike Harrington

Edaphos Advisor

Ben Harrington

Edaphos Advisor

Dr Apostolos Papadopoulos

CEO at Crop Intellect Ltd

Paul Cawood

Independent Agronomist at Spunhill Ltd

Alex Godfrey

Head of Natural Capital Savills

Allie Hesketh

Climate Smart Ag UK Country Coordinator at ADM Agriculture

Matt Smith

National Sales Manager at Amazone

Hear from fellow farmers

David Sheppard says Regen Day events help reduce the confusion surrounding carbon farming.

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What are regenerative practices?

Reduce soil erosion, increase soil organic matter, improve soil health and biodiversity, and strengthen water retention capacity and resistance against flooding.

Reduced soil disturbance

Optimal use of cover crops

Use of organic fertilisers

Optimal residue management


Kim Kjær Knudsen

Farmer from Allindemaglegård, Denmark

“It is not enough to be food producers for a growing world population – as farmers we play a key role in overcoming climate challenges as well. Agreena is a big step in that direction. We must – for the first time ever –harvest carbon”

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