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Agreena’s soil carbon certificates embody the most credible, transparent carbon reductions and removals available – all while unlocking the true value of nature.

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Carbon removals are key to a net-zero society

Agreena’s premium soil carbon certificates are a nature-based solution that helps financially support the farmer’s crucial transition to regenerative practices, as well as your own journey to contribute to global net-zero targets, and are in high demand due to their:

Verra VCS

Ensuring high affinity, third-party verified, nature-based carbon removals


Rigorous authentication process ensures highest environmental, social and economic standards

Digital footprint

MRV technology delivers accurate, scalable, cost-effective integrity that can be traced to the field

Maximum value

Certificate issuance gives farmers direct market access and solidifies the soil carbon value chain

Agreena’s premium carbon certificates deliver strong additional benefits with no offsetting pitfalls.

Improved soil health, biodiversity and water retention

Our carbon certificates help finance farmers’ transition to more regenerative practices, which in turn can have an enormous, positive impact on the planet. These practices imitate nature’s own process to improve soil health, strengthen water-retention capacity and resistance to flooding, increase soil organic matter, reduce soil erosion and nurture biodiversity.

Sustainable food production

With an estimated 95% of food being produced in our soils*, carbon certificates as an incentive for farmers to carry out regenerative practices – minimised soil disturbance, planting cover crops, and optimising the use of organic fertilisers and residue management – are essential to improving soil health and ensuring the resilience and stability of the food supply chain.

Transparent traceability back to the field

Agreena’s premium certificates align to recognised top standards, including ISO and Verra, and are backed by in-house satellite and AI technology that offers scalable, reliable verification of regenerative practices being carried out by farmers in their fields. This helps deliver best-in-class rigour, traceability data & analytics services, and manages climate rights to ensure no double counting between carbon markets and supply chain. All issued certificates are retired upon selling and cannot be sold multiple times.

Massimo Forti
CEO Ragn-Sells Denmark

Market Research

Talking Ketchup effect and climate with Ragn-Sells CEO

We know that decarbonisation is just the first step in a long journey towards true sustainability and that real progress means challenging our established way of life. For a waste, recycling and environmental services company like Ragn-Sells, sitting right at the heart of how we consume things in society, that change starts now. Here, Ragn-Sells Danmark CEO Massimo Forti as he shares field notes from the journey so far and his perspectives on what comes next.

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Field Notes

Conversations with Europe's most ambitious companies mitigating environmental impact

We believe openness, collaboration and transparency in how companies are working with and progressing with climate initiatives are critical if we want to get everyone over the line in time. And that there is a lot we can learn from other companies on similar paths to us. That’s why we’re talking to some of the most ambitious companies and consultancies in Europe as part of our survey into how proactive companies are working with CO2 reductions and climate initiatives.

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