Go nature positivewith soil carbon removals

Address hard-to-abate emissions with high-quality, nature-based carbon credits.

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Finance the regenerative transition of agriculture while achieving your ESG goals

Agreena’s high-quality carbon credits support your corporate sustainability goals and financially aid farmers’ crucial transition to regenerative practices restoring soil.

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High integrity

Carbon credits backed by vast field-level data collection, MRV & machine learning.

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Storing carbon in over 2M hectares by 1000+ farmers from 19 countries.

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State-of-the-art MRV allows field-level traceability & monitoring of farming practices.

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Removals & reductions

Reduce emissions, store carbon in the soil & deliver multiple ecosystem impacts.


Restoring the soil ecosystem to its healthiest state through:

  • Carbon sequestration – Healthy soils act as carbon sinks, pulling CO₂ from the atmosphere

  • Reduced emissions – By minimising the use of synthetic fertilisers and reducing tillage, regenerative agriculture reduces GHG emissions

  • Soil restoration – Revitalised soils store more water, mitigating the effects of droughts and floods

  • Temperature regulation – Healthy soils and abundant vegetation help moderate local temperatures


Reviving our ecosystems by:

  • Biodiversity boost – Regenerative practices encourage a diverse range of flora and fauna

  • Soil health – Healthy soils are alive with microorganisms, fungi, and other beneficial species

  • Natural pest control – Balanced ecosystems reduce the need for chemical pesticides, letting nature do its work


Empowering communities and ensuring livelihoods with:

  • Education & training – Providing farmers with knowledge and tools to transition to regenerative practices

  • Economic benefits – Finance generated through the sale of carbon credits directly increases the income for farmers

  • Resilient communities – By revitalising local ecosystems, communities are better equipped to deal with climate extremes

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