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When sustainable choices become profitable, we can press play on our next mission.

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Incentivising climate friendly farming, by offering a verified certificate programme.


Trust and transparency is atthe core of every sustainable solution.

Our methodology and quantification of greenhouse gasses applies to the IPCC guidelines by UN, and we use the industry standard tool Cool Farm Tool for specific greenhouse gasses calculations.

We validate and quality assure all data in our program – both directly by visiting farms and through algorithmic analysis & satellite technology.

In addition to this, the program as well as all carbon certificates are verified by the international accredited registrar and classification society DNV.

In this way, companies who buy Agreena certificates are ensured that the certificates have the claimed effect.

Cool Farm Tool


Business as usual is dead.Now let's accelerate the green transition.

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Invest your time and energy to create positive change.

Conservation Agriculture comes with multiple advantages.

No-till farming

No-till farming offers various benefits such as increase in the amount of water that infiltrates into the soil, soil retention of organic matter, and nutrient cycling.

No burning of residues

Successive fires destroy the organic matter that makes soil fertile, causing crop yields to decrease over time and increasing the need for fertilizers.

Less fuel and fewer machines

Soil tillage is the  most energy consuming agricultural. Thus, by not tilling the soil, farmers can save fossil fuels and reduces the use of heavy machinery.

Increased yields

Conservation Agriculture is lower input without a lower output, as yields tend to increase over the years.

Meet our carbon farmers

Michael Bundgaard

“In recent years, we have invested in conservation agriculture because we see a clear picture of both the agronomic and climate related benefits.

Therefore, it has been a natural part of our strategy to help boost Agreena. In the US, farmers already sell carbon certificates, and receives the gains from it – and Agreena is a reflection of that. “

Klitgaard Agro, Denmark
Farmer and investor in Agreena

Nicolai Tilisch

“I believe that the farmer can become a climate hero in the future, while strengthening the bottom line.

I believe that with the help of Agreena we can change our cultivation practices and maybe even end up choosing crops in order to optimize in regards to the sequestration of CO2 in the future.

I truly believe that we can make a difference.”

Rosenfeldt, Denmark
Carbon farmer, Agreena

Rasmus Bencard Hansen

“Agreena is an interesting supplement to our current operations, where we are constantly trying to optimize the result.

There is a political focus on climate change pointing towards farmers, but with Agreena we voluntarily get a unique opportunity to increase earnings while changing production practices with the climate in mind. “

Farmer and investor in Agreena

Get smarter on AgreenaCarbon

Join the AgreenaCarbon webinar.

Join the recurring webinars held by Anne & Frederik from Agrovi, where farmers enrolled or interested in AgreenaCarbon have the opportunity to ask questions about the AgreenaCarbon programme.

You can ask generic questions related to AgreenaCarbon or specific questions to your particular fields.

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