4 May 2022

Danish Agro and Agreena enter partnership on carbon certificates

The agricultural group Danish Agro and Agreena, which facilitates carbon certificate trading, have just entered a partnership. The two companies will jointly spread awareness of climate-friendly cultivation practices and the associated opportunity of issuing carbon certificates to farmers.

Danish Agro is dedicated to supporting farmers in the green transition. For example, through regenerative agricultural practices, farmers can sequester carbon and store it in the soil. Such a transition requires investments on the farm. This is precisely why Group CEO of Danish Agro, Henning Haahr, sees exciting opportunities with this agreement.

“Many customers have encouraged us to have a closer look at carbon certificates, and in our view, they represent a real opportunity for individual farmers to finance the green transition”, says Henning Haahr and continues:

“Agreena has developed a professional platform for data collection, verification, and issuance of carbon certificates. They have been a responsible player in the process of developing and strengthening soil carbon certificate trading. We see great potential value for the farmers and would like to develop the opportunities together with Agreena. One of Agreena’s great strengths is that the farmer remains in full control of what he wants to do with his certificates. He can sell them, keep them, or ask Agreena to sell them for him. It is up to the individual farmer to decide, and it is with him the value of the climate effort lands, which has been important to us”, he says.

Initially, the focus is on farmers in Denmark and Baltic countries, but the plan is to spread the partnership to Danish Agro group’s entire business area.

Ida Boesen, co-founder and director at Agreena, is looking forward to the collaboration.

“This marks the beginning of a long-term partnership and is a major step for Danish agriculture, which has the potential to be at the forefront of the sustainable transition. It represents Denmark’s private sector working in collaboration to take the lead and bring innovative climate solutions in the market”, she says and continues:

“Through our partnership, Danish Agro and Agreena are enabling a transition that will bring extra value to farmers. This can create long-term climate impacts as well as future increased profitability due to lower fuel and labour costs, improved soil quality, higher water retention capacity and nutrient content, and increased biodiversity”, she concludes.

Any contracts for the carbon certificate programme will be concluded with Agreena, which is accredited to the international standard ISO 14064. The company’s certification programme and carbon certificates are third-party verified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

For further information, please contact:

Søren Møgelvang Nielsen
Group Director, Communication & Marketing, Danish Agro Tel. +45 2332 8274

Erica Johnson
Sustainability Affairs Officer, Agreena Tel. + 45 3152 4980


About the Danish Agro group

The Danish Agro group comprises several agro-industrial companies in Denmark and abroad. They all have one overriding objective: to contribute to value-creating solutions for individual farms in close collaboration with customers. The Group mainly sells feed mixtures, raw material and vitamin mixtures, fertiliser, plant protection products, seed grain and energy, and also buys crops from the agricultural sector. In addition, the Group represents several strong machinery brands for agriculture and operates an extensive chain of hobby and leisure retail stores. The Danish Agro group currently employs approximately 5,000 people, and in 2022 its turnover will be around EUR 5.6 billion.


About Agreena

Agreena was founded by visionary agriculture and FinTech specialists and started as a digital trading platform intended to make grains trading more democratic and efficient. Today, Agreena is one of the first platforms across Europe to facilitate issuing of and trading in carbon certificates for farmers. Agreena puts the farmers first and helps them to a successful transition of their agricultural practices. More than 150 farmers from ten countries have already transitioned to more climate-friendly agricultural practices through Agreena’s carbon programme. The programme follows the crop year and thus allows the farmers to reap the value of their climate efforts on an annual basis. The programme is also ISO 14064-2 certified and applies internationally recognised protocols and calculation methods.

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