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AgreenaCarbon financially incentivises farmers’ transition to regenerative agriculture to enhance resiliency and profitability

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We’re accelerating a global transition to regenerative agriculture through innovative technology and finance solutions

Our state-of-the-art Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) technology helps corporations, governments and other organisations better understand their agricultural value chains.

Using our remote-sensing and monitoring capabilities, companies can measure, monitor and verify the impacts of on-farm practices at scale. We can reliably detect key metrics including regenerative agriculture practices such as reduced tillage, cover crops and crop rotations over millions of hectares.

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AgreenaCarbon for farmers

Grow your farm’s profits and future prosperity

AgreenaCarbon is the Europe’s largest soil carbon programme for farmers. Aligned to the latest science, policy, and market expectations, we deliver high quality credits to provide a new income stream for the farm.

Grow high yields and quality crops from regenerative agriculture practices, while also entering the green economy through the carbon market. Our technology platform and advisor support will guide you with all you need to get started – and for you to understand and take control of the GHG impact created through your efforts.

Agreena believes that farmers should have ownership and control of the climate benefits created. We provide the carbon credits – and then you decide whether to keep, sell, or allow us to sell them for you.

AgreenaCarbon for farmers
AgreenaCarbon for carbon credit buyers

Restore soil to remove gigatonnes of carbon

Soil is the second largest carbon sink on the planet and agricultural soils have the potential to sequester over a billion additional tonnes of carbon each year.

Agriculture also accounts for nearly a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and reducing these emissions has been challenging due to the widespread use of conventional practices and the presence of multiple financial and technological barriers.

By adopting regenerative agriculture practices, our farmers are restoring the soil’s capacity to remove carbon dioxide while reducing on-farm emissions.

You can finance the transformation of the agricultural sector and make a significant impact on climate change by purchasing our high-quality carbon credits whose impact goes beyond carbon. Soil carbon credits come with several co-benefits, including improved biodiversity, water retention, soil health and, most importantly, creating resilient food systems that can feed future generations.

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AgreenaCarbon for advisors

Accelerate the green transition and support farmer’s pockets.

Turning the conventional agriculture sector into a regenerative agriculture sector is one of the greatest impacts that can be made to secure prosperity for generations to come. Soil health, food security, and climate adaptation are all on the global agenda – and critical for sustaining life. But farmers cannot do it all on their own.

Knowledge and financial support is necessary. We provide the technical and financial solutions for farmers throughout Europe to transition to an ever more sustainable future.

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Kim Kjær Knudsen
farmer from Allindemaglegård. Denmark

“It is not enough to be food producers for a growing world population – as farmers we play a key role in overcoming climate challenges as well. Agreena is a big step in that direction. We must, for the first time ever, harvest carbon.”

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