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Labor Shortage and Talent Attraction

The importance of agricultural soil as a store for tonnes of carbon each year is growing in emphasis, but what is soil carbon? And what are the opportunities and risks surrounding monetisation of carbon credits?

In this webinar will be exploring soil carbon farming further, not only as a possible future revenue stream, but also in terms of how regenerative farming practices can help store carbon to improve soil health and overall productivity.

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Carbon Farming 2023 Q&A

Valentine and Thomas will dive into all the things they’ve learned by talking to hundreds of farmers across Europe on topics like; The barriers to getting started, What farms are a great fit for carbon farming, And the pros and cons of carbon farming.

Let's talk about Crop Establishment

Within regenerative farming establishment of the crop is the most crucial time of the year, but what steps can we take to control the outcome and reduce the risks as much as possible

Harvest Planning for Next Year

Thomas Gent will share his 2022 harvest review, and his plans for 2023. We will discuss this years harvest, plans for next year, and how we are handling challenges like fertiliser prices and carbon cropping. 

Sharing Best Practices

A Forum to Bring Farmers Together

Every hectare of agricultural land has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This means that you, as a farmer, hold one of the keys to fighting climate change. This is no easy or straightforward task, which is why we want to bring farmers together across countries to join the conversation on how to best tackle the challenge! “In regenerative farming we are all trying to do these practices in our farms. We need a place where we can compare notes and hopefully cut corners together.”

Thomas Gent

An expanding network of farmers

Join the conversation on regenerative farming