Agreena and Weavingare the perfect combinationin optimising your carbon farming potential.

Farmers who are in the conversion of cultivating their soil with Weavings direct drills are eligible for joining Agreena’s carbon programme today.
After an easy sign-up and farm registration, you can get started with harvesting carbon alongside your regular crops.

The future of farming is regenerative and you have already taken the first steps.

What machines are eligible for usage in the programme?


Step by step:

How do you become a Carbon Farmer?

Every hectare of agricultural land has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This means that you as a farmer hold one of the keys to fighting climate change.

With AgreenaCarbon you can sell carbon certificates if you implement Conservation or Regenerative Agriculture practices that reduce your CO2e emissions, such as no-till farming and the sowing of cover crops.

Meet some of our Carbon farmers

Nicolai Oxholm TillischRosenfeldt

“After switching to reduced tillage, we have seen a clear strengthening of our soil quality, and it has become more cultivable. In addition, we have also significantly reduced our fuel consumption and just by not plowing, we save approximately 60 EUR per hectare.”

2.400 hectares

Hans DamgaardJD Agro Cocora Farm

“One thing is that we have less overpasses, but most importantly, we reduce the evaporation of moisture from the soil, and that leaves more water for the plants, which is extremely important under these dry conditions we experience from time to time.”

12.000 hectares

Søren IlsøeKnudstrupgaard

“When learning how to refrain from tilling the soil every single year, a whole new world opens. Biology can replace diesel and steel, and as an added benefit you will have more beneficial insects, vipers, larks and partridges.”

305 hectares