Agreena for farmers

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You can choose between different pricing plans depending on your current needs. Two different levels, one easy choice.


€0limited access
  • Trader access
  • Trader map view
  • Trader insights
  • Carbon data capture
Get all the features


€100per month
  • Trader access
  • Trader map view
  • Trader insights
  • Carbon data capture
Fees and pricing

Carbon fees

Agreena verifies your emission reductions and creates verified, tradable carbon certificates. This is how we cut the cake, in order to make sure that the certificates are credible and of highest quality.

Service fee

A monthly service fee of 100€

Issuance fee

15% of all verified certificates will be paid to Agreena, to cover verification and issuance costs.

Agreena Verified Certificates issuable to you

The remaining Agreena Verified Certificates is yours to keep.
You can now decide what you want to do with them.

You can keep them, or you can sell them.

*A 20% buffer is included in the issuable Agreena Verified Certificates. The buffer is the buyer’s insurance that the certificates will keep their credibility. This is a certification prerequisite is market and ensures that we can issue credible and market competitive certificates at a premium price.

Are you a corporation?

We have flexible plans and solutions for corporations.

Whether you want to trade grains or buy carbon certificates we would like to hear from you to give you the best possible support.

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