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Carbon Farming 2023 Q&A

Valentine and Thomas will dive into all the things they’ve learned by talking to hundreds of farmers across Europe on topics like; The barriers to getting started, What farms are a great fit for carbon farming, And the pros and cons of carbon farming.

Let's talk about Crop Establishment

Within regenerative farming establishment of the crop is the most crucial time of the year, but what steps can we take to control the outcome and reduce the risks as much as possible

Harvest Planning for Next Year

Thomas Gent will share his 2022 harvest review, and his plans for 2023. We will discuss this years harvest, plans for next year, and how we are handling challenges like fertiliser prices and carbon cropping. 


Kim Kjær Knudsen
farmer from Allindemaglegård. Denmark

“It is not enough to be food producers for a growing world population – as farmers we play a key role in overcoming climate challenges as well. Agreena is a big step in that direction. We must – for the first time ever –harvest carbon”

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