Meet your company's ambitious climate targets with AgreenaCarbon

Our certificates support farmers delivering measurable impact

Scientifically robust with continuous monitoring and verification

IPCC-aligned quantification

The internationally accredited AgreenaCarbon programme’s scientific model is aligned to IPCC data, where we combine ground-truth data with soil and climatic factors to quantify GHG reductions and soil carbon removals that happen at the field-level for farmers that are transitioning to regenerative agriculture.

High integrity certificates

Our protocol is based on industry best practices and the Core Credit Principles of the voluntary carbon market Following the latest policy and market developments and an external advisory board, we are here to support farmers’ transition while delivering the highest quality Nature-based Solutions (NbS) carbon removal certificates.

Robustly verified and traceable

We use the world’s most advanced low-orbit satellite data combined with algorithms to continuously monitor every field in our porgramme. Prior to issuance, all certificates are third-party validated by world-leading verification body, DNV. Each AgreenaCarbons certificatescan be traced back to the exact field in which it was generated, including data on practices used to generate the certificate, by who and when.

Meet the pioneers of the regenerative revolution

Agreena is a farmers-first company. It’s in our DNA. Our farmers are the influencers, pioneers and enabling faces who are liberating the agricultural industry from its conventional ways.
Regenerative agriculture is a growing movement, and there is significant need for the industry to work alongside farmers and support these market enablers – the leaders of our movement.

Support real European farmers who are leading the transition

Choose your soil carbon certificates from 14 countries
The AgreenaCarbon programme has 500K hectares of arable land under management in carbon farming.

Unlock the benefits of regenerative agriculture

Short-term financial benefit to enable the transition
Long-term economic benefits
Long-term environmental benefits

Join the regenerative movement

From higher crop yields, lower fertiliser expenses to the
recovery of the local bee population, Ed shows us the bright
future ahead of us.

How can we help you meet your ESG goals?

Driving impact in farming

Nicolai Oxholm TillischRosenfeldt

“After switching to reduced tillage, we have seen a clear strengthening of our soil quality, and it has become more cultivable. In addition, we have also significantly reduced our fuel consumption and just by not plowing, we save approximately 60 EUR per hectare.”

2.400 hectares

Hans DamgaardJD Agro Cocora Farm

“One thing is that we have less overpasses, but most importantly, we reduce the evaporation of moisture from the soil, and that leaves more water for the plants, which is extremely important under these dry conditions we experience from time to time.”

12.000 hectares

Søren IlsøeKnudstrupgaard

“When learning how to refrain from tilling the soil every single year, a whole new world opens. Biology can replace diesel and steel, and as an added benefit you will have more beneficial insects, vipers, larks and partridges.”

305 hectares

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